A special place.

In this activity we were supposed to work in groups to find a special place we all have in common, and the each of us should write about this place and explain how my partners and I shared the place. I worked with Catalina Rela and Florencia Araya.

Some of my best memories from my childhood are of the time I spent enjoying nature and familiy in my grandmother’s big country-house. I’ve known it since the beginning of my life, and cannot remember a time when I didn’t visit the place at least once every month. Still to this day I try to go with my brothers, cousins and/or friends whenever I get the chance. It is one of the places I most enjoy going to and it will always be a part of who I am.

I was amazed to find out how much me and my friends, Cata and Flor share in common about the countryside. Even though each country-house might be different in terms of appearence from the other, we are all familiar with the feeling of belonging and comfort that the countryside offers to us, and have very similar experiences and memories of being in this special place.

Never in the city would you see such a complete, light blue sky dome, or the hundreds of thousands of stars dotting the black roof, and the brightest full moon. There is nothing like lying on the green grass and looking up at the leaves of your favourite tree, and listening to the different birds

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