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A special place.

In this activity we were supposed to work in groups to find a special place we all have in common, and the each of us should write about this place and explain how my partners and I shared the place. … Sigue leyendo

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This is an activity we completed during Biology in which we were supposed to share a video about the synapse that was helpful for us. Here is my video:

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Introducing Language.

Our teacher Daniela Barra provided us with a very useful presentation made by herself, that introduces the subject for this year: Introducing Language.  

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The Nervous System.

In Biology we´ve been studying the nervous system. This is the activity we were to complete. 1) Name the topics explained in the lessons. Your control centre, the key parts. The receptors. The neurons. Central nervous system. 2) Look for pictures in the … Sigue leyendo

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¿Que pensamos nosotros sobre el poder de las palabras?

Este es nuestro primer ensayo de Lengua en 4to Año, que trata sobre el poder que ejerce el lenguaje sobre las personas y nosotros mismos. Nuestra profesora, Camila Aliberti nos dio para elegir entre dos opciones para realizar el ensayo: … Sigue leyendo

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