The Rain Horse.

Lately we read a new short story in literature called “The Rain Horse” by Ted Hughes. Our teacher assigned us with an activity in her blog. My group was with Agustin and Tomas Borda.

1) “Holding is collar close and his chin down into it he ran over the hilltop towards the town side…” The man is completely overwhelmed with the rain and wind, so he runs for cover.

2) The horse is described in a peculiar way, the horse instead of behaving like any other horse would, this one is more like a cat, in the way it moves and walks.

3) The man is protecting himself with nature, from nature.

4) The horse staring dead into the eyes of the traveler, like a curious cat. This image of the horse can be very frightening and unnerving, not only for the man in the story but also for the reader.

5) The man was being observed by the horse intensively, which unsettled him at first. But then when he just was starting to relax, he is attacked by the horse. Now the horse showed to be aggressive and intimidating. The traveler leaves the place of conflict inmediatly and runs away until he notices he wasn’t being followed anymore. This makes us readers understand that the horse really was just playing with him at the moment.

6) After the attack the traveler intends to leave the wood, but finds the horse again who was looking for him. The protagonist quickly hides and retrieves to the safety of the wood. He is now desperate, afraid for his life, considering now that the horse migh be clairvoyant (a person with a supernaturally clear vision).

7) It’s whynning snort (snort), spattering whack of its hoves (sump, tum).

8) The writer let’s us readers the size of the stones the horse was dealing with by comparing it with goose eggs, eggs bigger than the palm of an adult’s hand. So we can see how serious the man was about defending himself from the mad horse.

10) The traveler damages the horse the horse with the stones and finds and finds himself throwing them with an incredible accuracy he wasn’t familiar with, as if God was guiding every shot against the horse.

11) Once again, the horse behaves strange, this time in defeat. One could think that the animal had the body of a horse… but the body of a cat. I don’t see why the mention of a cat has anything to do with domesticity, I believe the traveler was just comparing the horse with a cat because of the similarity between them.




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