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Opinion piece on «An Astrologer’s Day».

Pilar asked us to write an opinion piece on a short story we read in class. She posted in her blog the requisites of how it should be done what the focusing points of it should be. Here is mine: … Sigue leyendo

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Vocaroo Reported Speech

We’ve been learning about reported speech. Pilar our Language teacher asked us to record a discussion, so that others could report it. Here is mine: Record and upload audio >>

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Postcolonial Literature.

In our Literature class, we were curious concerning the post-colonial theme in «A Horse and Two Goats» by R.K. Narayan, so we did some background research and made our own Slide-Share about it for us to study. And here it … Sigue leyendo

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Achilles, The Legend.

This time’s oral & writing presentation will be oral. We were asked by Daniela Barra to pic a famous legend and make presentation that would narrate it’s story. Also she asked us to create a comic of it. Presentation: Comic:

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Essay: A Horse and Two Goats.

This is an essay on a story we read «A Horse and Two Goats» in Literature. The most important theme in A Horse and Two Goats, and in fact the central theme of Narayan’s work, is the clash of cultures. … Sigue leyendo

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