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History Essay.

How far was the League of Nations succesful in 1920? In this essay I will show you what went wrong in the League of Nations and when it was succesful. After exploting Germany with the terrible Treaty of Versailles punishment, … Sigue leyendo

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La Pirámide Jurídica.

Esta es la pirámide del poder jurídico, son leyes y normas más importantes que otras. Las más bajas no pueden alterar a las superiores.

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1rst Summary.

This is a summary of short extract from a story we read for homework(oral and writing)   A man was spending the night in a village, then he left it started to walk on the road. After two hours he … Sigue leyendo

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Tha Journal.

In language we were working on journalism. An activity from page 53 of the book asked us to write a journal entry, including setting objects to take etc. I would probably take a trip to Mount Everest, Himalayas. I would … Sigue leyendo

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