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The conflict in the Balkans. “The spark that lit the bonfire”

In history we are studding the main causes of the WWI and this is a slide share we made together. Of the Balkans cause. Thi

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Essay writing: Pike.

This is an essay writing i made from a poem by Ted Huges. How does Ted  Huges convey the power and violence in animals through the poem pike? Animals are living creatures that we see in our everyday lives yet … Sigue leyendo

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Austria-Hungary Presentation.

by: Tomas Borda, Pepo Roldan and Estani Casas.

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Germany Presentation.

  by: Flor Araya, Luz García Fernandez and Josefina Catani.

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France Presentation.

by: Luli Giambruni, Joaco Venini and Pancho Mosquera.

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Russia Presentation.

by: Rochi Hartman, Tomi Anania and Me.

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Italy Presentation

by: Bauti Olaizola, Nico Monguzzi, Mara Ripoll and Delfi Miuranga.  

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Britain Presentation

by: Cata Rela, Catu Grosso, Sol Diliscia and Luna Perez Muñiz. Information and statics.

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Oral description

this is the place i’m going to talk about:  

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Querida Alejandría. Información de la autora del libro Arriba, el link del blog de la autora (María García Esperón) Para más info chequeen la página de wikipedia. Abajo.

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